Basic developments

Ore preparation and underground ore mining

1. High-performance technology of ore mining for steep deposits development
2. Resource saving technologies for thick ore deposits development and rich complex ore treatment.
3. New commercial explosives on the basis of Kazakhstan raw sources.
4. Ore quality control system based on geotechnological mapping, advanced geophysical methods and mathematical modeling.

 Proposals to investors:
1. Development and production of BSh 145/450 drilling rig to bore holes of 145 and 450 mm in diameter in the conditions of underground mines.

Computer technologies

1. Computer modeling for the decision of mining geomechanics tasks.
2. Computer modeling for the decision of tasks of metallurgical processes optimization.

 Proposals to investors:
1. ACS and Design-Automation System of mining operations.
2. Mathematical models and model analysis of metallurgical processes.

Ore dressing

1. Flotation reagents made of Kazakhstan raw materials for complex gold-bearing ores.

 Proposals to investors:

1. Pilot-commercial support of innovation technologies for shungite use while processing hard-to-dress, hard-to-process polymetallic and gold-sulphide ore of primary and technogenic deposits with the production of multipurpose pilot batches of shungite granulomaterial.
2. Subcommercial approbation of technology to produce selective reagents-collectors with the development of standard-technical documentation and reagents testing in the conditions of dressing factories.


1. Technology to process various lead-bearing raw materials by KIVCET method.
2. Technology to process lead-acid batteries scrap.


1. Autoclave technology to process zinc and complex copper-zinc concentrates.
2. Technology of lead salts production from oxidized lead-bearing industrial products.

 Proposals to investors:
1. Testing of the technology to process various raw materials and industrial products at VNIItsvetmet pilot plant.

Automatization and mechanization of processes

1. Filter unit for express dehydration of the dressing product samples for further control of metals content.
2. Process flowsheets to mechanize the process of ore drawing from ore rolls to railcars, tip-trucks and conveyors on the basis of vibrating feeders (UVF type) of VNIItsvetmet design.

Environmental protection

1. Methods and technology of backfilling operations on the basis of production wastes.
2. Technology to manufacture polymer composition for the production of acid-proof high-tensile plastic products.
3. Perspective filtering materials.
4. Mining dust collector PR-20.
5. Aerodynamic unit.
6. High-productive mining pneumatic ejector.

 Proposals to investors:
1. Technological developments in the field of water, soil and air pollution.

Analytical chemistry and metrology

1. Production and selling of reference materials for composition of metals, alloys, concentrates, ores, products of their enrichment and processing, having categories RM COOMET, IVS, SRM and SOP, suggested by Specialized Organization of State Reference Materials Services, created on the basis of SA “VNIItsvetmet”.

 Proposals to investors:
Chemical analysis of raw materials and nonferrous metallurgy products