Basic developments

Ore preparation and underground ore mining

High-performance technology of ore mining for steep deposits development

Technology of complete cascade mining of ore with downward and raise sublevel excavation is designed to develop steep deposits of valuable and medium grade ore within the wide range of deposit and enclosing rock thickness in various mining and geological conditions.

The method includes:

- downward and raise sequence of sublevels mining;
- cascade location of displaced rooms on sublevels;
- complete ore mining by means of successive room course and pillar extraction on sublevels;
- erection of base layer from strengthened filling massif which is an artificial roof below the rooms under courses.

Technology of downward mining includes successive excavation on sublevels coupled rooms (height-wise displacement) and formation and advancing in the block of wide ore front along dip of deposit.

Raise ore mining technology includes successive raise mining of rooms which are cascade-located on sublevels and displaced in height towards ore mass.

Downward ore mining technology (variant А)

Raise ore mining technology (variant B)


  - ore mass;
  - filling mass of enhanced strength;
  - filling mass of low strength;
  - broken ore;

direction of ore stopped excavation front;


- queue of room excavation;


- angle of ore displacement.

Basic technical-and-economic indexes of the new technology


Variant А Variant Б
Specific volume of development and face-entry drivages per 1000 t of developed reserves, m3 80 - 90 75 - 80
Face worker’s labor capacity (m3/manshift):
- at drivage
- at stoping

7,0 - 8,0
16,5 - 18,0

7,0 - 8,0
18,0 - 20,0
Block output (thou.t/month)
- ore loss, %
- ore dilution, %
12,0 - 18,0
3,5 - 4,5
12,5 - 13,5
18,0 - 20,0
5,0 - 5,5
12,5 - 13,0

Inventions are patented.

Resource saving technologies for thick ore deposits development and rich complex ore treatment

New multistage complete technology for thick ore deposits development is based on the application of level- and sublevel-room mining systems with the control of mining pressure by backfilling of mined-out area and applying self-moving equipment.

Multistage complete technology for thick ore deposits development

There has been developed a complex system of underground ore pretreatment and technology of separate treatment of copper-zinc and polymetallic ores.
Technologies are being applied at Maleevsky mine and Zyryanovsk dressing factory of JSC "Kazzinc".

Application of the new technologies allowed:
- to increase ore mining and treatment volumes from 1500 to 2250 thou.t. per year;
- to increase the productivity of one face up to 37-40 thou.t. per month;
- to decrease the cement rate for backfilling operations from 220 to 70 kg per 1m3 of backfill;
- to increase metal recovery into analogous concentrates: lead - by 2.3%, zinc - by 12.4%, copper - by 12.8%;
- to reduce cost of ore mining and cost of production of high-grade selective non-ferrous metals concentrates in 1.5-2.0 times.

Inventions are patented.

New commercial explosives on the basis of Kazakhstan raw sources

Institute developed a commercial placer explosive to break hard rocks and ores. Instead of aluminum powder the explosive incorporates ferrosilicoaluminium (FSA) as a combustible metallic additive (FSA is produced from alloy which was developed as per the technology of Karaganda chemical-and-metallurgical Institute named after D.N.Abishev. To produce the alloy nonconforming brown coal from Ekibastuz coal field is used). Specific electrical resistance of FSA powder is 103 OhmОsm against 1011-13 OhmОsm for aluminum. After acceptance tests at copper ore pits of "Kazakhmys" Corporation and underground mines of JSC "Kazzinc", new explosive - granulite А-8FSA - was allowed to be constantly applied at open-pit and underground mining.

Successful industrial tests of the explosive has been conducted at Malyevskoye underground mine of JSC "Kazzinc"
Application of granulite A-8FSA increases blasting safety. Application of FSA powder instead of Russian aluminum powder or Belgian silicoaluminium allows reducing the cost of 1t explosive by $60-70 USD.

To blast watered boreholes at the open-pit mining there have been developed water-resistant packaged emulsive poremite P and aquatols АВ and АВМ using microspheres of heat power plants which were tested in industrial conditions of open pits and allowed to constant application.

Plant to produce FAS powder

Physical-and-chemical properties of the explosives


Explosive grade
Emulsion Porous ammonium nitrate P Watered aquatol АВ
Density g/sm3 1,3 (in cartridge) 1,38-1,42 (charging without cartridges)
Explosion heat, kJ/kg 4180-5016 3360-3609
Detonation velocity of open blast, km/s 4,5-5,0 4,2-5,0
Critical diameter of open blast, mm 50-70 100
Brisance in steel ring, mm 25-30 18-20
Water resistance of the explosive after storage in floating water for 24 hours, mass. %, not more than 0,2 5,0

Ore quality control system based on geotechnological mapping, advanced geophysical methods and mathematical modeling
 Modified mix-charge machine for A-8FSA granulite production at open pits.   

VNIItsvetmet with participation of the Institute “NIPIGORMASH” (Russia) has developed (as invention) modified mix-charge machine for production of A-8FSA granulite at open pits, allowing control explosion energy during charging of drill-holes.  
Depending on strength of a rock, the concentration of FSA powder in ready granulite is 3,5; 5; 7 %.
Capacity of the modified machine is 550-600 kg/min of ready granulite.

General View of Modified Charging Machine M3-3B

Ore quality control system based on geotechnological mapping, advanced geophysical methods and mathematical modeling

Complex of the investigations of ore composition and properties parameters and modeling of the ore treatment technological indexes.

The system allows:

- to perform selective ore mining and effective ore pretreatment
- to increase volume of the marketable production by 10-12%
- to reduce ore treatment costs by 17-20%.

Complex of the investigations of ore composition and
properties parameters and modeling of the ore treatment technological indexes.