Basic developments

Environmental protection


Perspective filtering materials

VNIItsvetmet in cooperation with the enterprises of textile industry developed optimal structures of the filtering materials which provide high operational and technological parameters. Materials are of high durability and permeability to air. They are successfully applied in bag filters for purifying of the process gases from metallurgical enterprises of lead-zinc industry.

Parameter Lavsan felt “filter 550” Lavsan canvas piersing fleece Oxalane weave with one-sided poil
Surface density
550 390 500
Operation temperature 140 140 180
Residual dustiness 1 - 3 5 - 7 7 - 10

Methods and technology of backfilling operations on the basis of production wastes.

“VNIItsvetmet” Institute developed technology of backfilling operations with preparation of multi-component backfilling mixtures on the basis of wastes from mining-dressing, metallurgical and fuel and energy industries.
On the basis of the researches’ results, process flow sheets of cement backfilling complexes with mill method of wastes recycling during backfilling operation have been unified and classified.
Standard series of unified cement backfilling complexes for conditions of Altay deposits has been developed. Consolidated listing of units of its PFD and PID has been provided; selection of process equipment for its configuration depending on type of cohesive and filling components and annual capacity of backfilling operations has been performed;
Ball mill and leveling mixer were used as basic process equipment of standard series of unified cement backfilling complexes. Universal technology for backfilling operations using mill-mixing method of preparation of backfilling mixtures with coarse and fine filler has been developed on their basis. There is a possibility of prompt transformation of process flow sheet depending on the type of backfilling components.
Technical and economical feasibility of using of solidifying mixtures of complex cohesive cement wastes and ash-slag wastes from TPP and granulated blast furnace slag has been proved.
For implementation of the proposed process flow sheets of cement backfilling complexes, authentic equipment has been developed (repulpers, batchers, activators, elements of pipeline transportation and etc.)
On the basis of researches’ results, initial design data-base and standard process procedures (SPP) for designing of unified cement backfilling complexes for recycling of wastes during backfilling operations for Altay deposits conditions have been developed.   
Recommendation for using of SPP for underground Altay mines has been developed.
Mill technology for industrial wastes recycling during backfilling operation is used for preparation of process procedures for designing of newly-constructed cement-backfilling complexes for “Bakhyrchik”, “Taldybulak Levoberezhniy”, “Suzdalskiy”, “Ushaktyn” mines and also for revision of Artemievskiy and Orlovskiy mines.
Pilot testing has been performed and technologies of industrial wastes recycling (ash slag, granulated slag) during backfilling operation are used at Malyevskiy, Tishinskiy and Artemievskiy mines. 
The expected economical efficiency from implementation of the technology of industrial wastes recycling during backfilling operations is about 1 million USD per year.  The volume of wastes recycling into backfilling operations at Altay mines is about 1.5 millions tons per year.

PFD and PID of the Unified Cement Backfilling Complex

Notation conventions: 1 - Breaking plant; 2 - Cement storage area; 3 - Inert aggregate storage area; 4 - Grinding-mixing department; 5 - Technological well; 6 - Header pipe.

Technology to develop polymer compositions for the production of acid-proof high-tensile plastic products

The technology to manufacturing polymer composition with the application of microspheres which were extracted from the ash of heating power stations (HPS) includes: determination of quantitative and qualitative composition of HPS microspheres and base marks of polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc) depending on operational conditions; prealignment of the microspheres with polymer grains in the reactor of special design; production of the products at injection machines or extruders.

The technology provides:

  • Reduction of base polymers consumption in 1,15-1,3 time;
  • Increase of plastic production working life upon contacts with aggressive mediums in 2-3 times;
  • Plastic resistance to burning and increased temperatures and pressure influence;
  • Cost reduction of plastic products in 1,2-1,3 times.

Reactor for polymer grains alignment with microspheres

Under the new technology manufacturing of the following products was implemented at JSC "Kazzinc":

  • centrifugal pumps KNH 65-40-200;
  • compacted cathode plates for zinc electrolysis;
  • double-threaded taps and stop valves;
  • pulverizers of sulphuric acid;
  • holding device for up hole charge with explosives.

Pilot testing of plastic products made of new polymer composition showed that these products may successfully compete with the products made of titanium, heavily alloyed steels and hard lead during pumping of concentrated sulfuric acid, electrolytes and nitrohydrochloric acid upon the absence or small abrasiveness of the solutions.

Products made of new composition

Cost of new plastic products made of new composition is less than the cost of the products made of stainless steel (by 6-8 times) and titanium (by 25-28 times).

The technology to produce 16-110 mm plastic pipes of middle and heavy type of new composition was tried out at Karaganda plant "Stroyplastmass". Results of using of the these pipes at zinc production unit of JSC "Kazzinc" and rare metals production unit of Zhezkazghanredmet showed that their working lifetime is 2 times longer in comparison with the pipes produced in Russia.

Technology of production of plastic cases for large accumulators ST-1190 and ST-210 using HPS microspheres has bee tried out at Taldykorgan plant “ERKA”

Inventions are patented.

Mining dust collector PR-20

To clean air which is aspirated from breakers, tumblers, tipping wagons and other sources of intensive dust production from dust, VNIItsvetmet offers PR-20 unit. It may also be applied at air cleaning systems of dressing factories and ventilation emissions dedusting.

Combined installation scheme provides economic collecting of the dust basic mass in wet dust flue with fine air recleaning in the filter made of bonded synthetic material.

The unit is manufactured in mining standard trim. It is designed for continuous action upon ambient air temperature from +1 to 350 ?C and cleaning air relative humidity up to 100%.

The unit consists of moisturizer, rotary deduster, turbulizer, drop catcher and bag filter.

Characteristics of the industrial dust collecting unit PR -20

Capacity, м3/с 5,5 - 6,7
Maximum dustiness, mg/m3
- at the input
- at the output

not more than 0,6
Water consumption, m2/hour 2,4 - 2,5
Water pressure, MPa  0,6
Consumed power, kW 22
Overall dimensions, mm
- length
- width
- height

Mass, kg 1350

PR-20 dust collecting units are applied at the Republic of Kazakhstan industry.

The unit provides:

Technical solutions are patented. Under license the unit can be manufactured and scientific-and-technical assistance can be rendered.

Aerodynamic unit

The unit is designed to control vane anemometers which are applied at mines to control ventilating air velocity. The unit was implemented at underground mines of CIS countries. Unit design is protected by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


High-productive mining pneumatic ejector REP-500

The unit was implemented at underground mines of CIS countries.
Unit design is protected by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Proposals to investors

Technological developments in the field of air, water and soil protection

VNIItsvetmet Institute possesses wide practical experience in investigations and research performing, in development on various aspects in the field of air protection from different industries emissions.

Rendered services:

- Study of the composition and properties of the dust-gas flows with the determination of the operating efficiency of gas cleaning units and testing of their operation mode.
- Improvement of the existing and development of new methods and units for gas cleaning.
- Development of the process procedure for gas cleaning from dust.
- Performing of the process ecological monitoring and development, completion and adjustment of the necessary report documentation.

Development, completion and adjustment in the prescribed manner of the following:

- inventory of the polluted emissions into atmosphere;
- "Evaluation of the environment components contamination level by toxic agents from production residual" project;
- "Evaluation of the environmental impact from projected and operating objects" project;
- normative project of the emission limits;
- project of the organization and accomplishment of the enterprise sanitary protection area;
- normative project of the waste management;
- waste passport;
- program of the process ecological control;
- ecological passport of the enterprise;
- passports of the gas cleaning and ventilation systems;
- waste management instruction;
- "Environmental protection" section for preplanned, preliminary and project documentation.

Development of the normative-and-technical and methodic documentation in the field of air protection:

- Standards, rules, recommendations and techniques;
- Instructions for gas cleaning systems exploitation;
- Instructions to determine emission into atmosphere in the conditions of certain industries;
- Manufacturing and control of the pneumatic pipes for measurement of the gas-dust flows velocity and discharge.

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