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Metallurgy / Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Studies of Metallurgical Processes

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Several new processes in the field of heavy nonferrous metals pyrometallurgy were developed and industrially implemented:

KIVCET process was firstly industrially implemented in 1986 at lead plant of Ust-Kamenogorsk lead-zinc plant (JSC ‘Kazzinc’). Plant with a capacity of 500 t of charge per day was commissioned. 

In 1987, at Portovesme plant (Sardinia Island, Italy) under VNIItsvetmet license and with the participation of our specialists, KIVCET plant with a capacity of 900 t of lead charge per day was constructed and commissioned. At the present time simultaneously with lead concentrates about 60% of oxidized raw materials are processed there. 

This KIVCET plant is located in the resort zone and has been working for 15 year and corresponds to strict European standards in the field of environmental protection.
The most advanced and high capacity (120 000 tons of lead per year) KIVCET furnace for processing of zinc residues (up to 75%) and lead concentrates was commissioned in 1997 by Canadian company ‘Cominco’. Over the past period furnace capacity has increased to the values which exceed design figures. The process is controlled by means of Automatic Process Control System and corresponds to all sanitary labor norms and environmental standards completely.

In 2012-2013, Chinese companies, Jiangxi Copper Corp. and Zhuzhou Smelter Co., on the basis of KIVCET technology, launched into industrial operation two lead plants with capacity of 100 and 120 thousand tons of lead per year correspondingly. The projects were carried out under license agreements with VNIItsvetmet institute.

The success of the laboratory results from close cooperation of specialists of various professions, which allows using complex solutions for work implementation, and from good material and technical facilities, including equipped working area, process communications, advanced analytical and technological equipment, instrumentation and software.

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Developed technologies are protected by the patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia and foreign countries.