Scientific-Research and Design-Engineering Departments of the Institute

Mining and Ore Dressing / Laboratory of Mineral Beneficiation

Leading researchers:

The major fields of activity are development and improvement of the technologies for beneficiation of non-ferrous, ferrous, rare, precious metals ores and non-metallic components (fluorite, quartz, muscovite, lepidolite, rock phosphorites), including:

 The laboratory is equipped with:

Laboratory has developed technologies of ores beneficiation for new large-scale deposits in Kazakhstan and Russia:

The following beneficiation factories and workshops have been built with the application of the developed technologies: Ognevskaya beneficiation factory, Belogorskaya factory, Central development factory, Ridder factory No. 2; Satpayev and Kurchatov beneficiation factories, dense medium workshops at Zyryanovskiy, Ridderskiy, Donskoy, Akchatauskiy and Belogorskiy plants. All of them reached the designed technological parameters.

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