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Laboratory of Environmental Studies and Developments

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The major areas of activities are:

Certification / Accreditation:
License for Performance of Works and Provision of Services in the Field of Environmental Protection (License No. 01763P dated 22.07.2015) granted by Environmental Regulation, control and state inspection in oil and gas complex of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Laboratory is equipped with licensed computer programs UPRZA ‘Ecolog’ version 3.0 variant ‘Basic’ with the setting for calculation of pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere, MAD–ECOLOG version 2.55 (D ® W) for development of standards draft for maximum admissible discharge, ‘Substance manual’ series ‘Ecolog’ version 3.30, ‘Wastes’ version 3.1 for calculation of wastes danger level and ‘Noise. Ecolog-Standard’ for calculation of noise level, technical, legislative, normative and methodical documentation,  various laboratory units, tools and equipment to perform research of dust-collecting techniques and devices, to study electrical and physical properties of the dusts, to carry out instrumental measurements of dust-gas flows parameters; it has a unit for testing Pitot tubes and glass diaphragms for rheometers and other equipment.

The major developments are:

Large scope of work is accomplished in the field of: study of characteristics of emissions into environment; assessment of environmental components contamination level by toxic industrial wastes; development of the enterprise ecological certificates and industrial environmental control reports; inventory of emissions and development of maximum permissible standards for emission and actions for their management and control; development of industrial wastes treatment standards and arrangement and accomplishment of sanitary-protection zone for enterprises and other regulatory and procedural documentation. 

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All the developments are protected by protection document of the Republic of Kazakhstan.